How To Remove Rust From Your Car

Rust removal, while not exactly a difficult task, requires specialized tools, time, and confidence in one's own abilities. These tips will help you remove rust from your car and repaint the area. 

Step 1: Sand Away the Rust

Remove the rust with a dual action electric sander, starting with coarse grit paper and then gradually switching to finer grits as you go. Sand the rust spot until all the rust has been removed and the area is relatively smooth. It's very important that you wear a dust mask while you sand the paint and metal. This will prevent you from breathing any dust that could be harmful to your lungs.

Step 2: Fill in Holes with Auto Body Filler

Use auto body filler to fill in any holes left behind after the rust is removed. Smooth down the auto body filler after it has cured using coarse grit sandpaper and the dual action sander. Switch to fine sandpaper after sanding the area with coarse sandpaper. 

Step 3: Clean the Area for Painting

Use metal cleaner to clean the bare metal before painting. Wipe down the area with a rag, and then dry the area with a dry rag. 

Step 4: Apply Primer to the Area

Use a paint sprayer to apply several thin coats of primer to the bare metal. Wait for the primer to dry in between coats. Follow all the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the number of coats to use and the drying time required between coats. 

Step 5: Apply Paint Over the Primer

Use the paint sprayer to apply several thin coats of auto body paint over the dry primer. You'll need to match the color of paint to the color of paint on your car. To get an exact match, purchase paint from the dealership where you bought the car. The papers that came with your car should have a record of the paint color that was used on your car. Allow the paint to dry in between coats. 

Step 6: Apply Clear Coat

Spray the clear coat over the paint after it has dried completely. Clear coat is sold in spray cans in automotive shops.

If you're inexperienced in the rust removal process, avoid removing rust in a large or prominent area on your vehicle. To remove larger spots of rust, and rust in areas that are especially visible, take your car to the auto body shop for professional care.

If you do attempt to remove rust and the process doesn't go well, take your car to the auto body shop for help. Once company that offers this service is Westside Fender/Body & RefinishingRemember that any exposed metal on your car will result in the formation of more rust over time, leading to extensive damage. With professional help, your car will be back to its old self in no time at all.