Auto Paint And Body: Is Your Car’s Color Linked To Its Value?

If you're thinking about buying a vehicle or planning to have your car painted, hold off until you read this. The color of your car is directly related to its overall value. According to Kelly Blue Book, choosing an unpopular color can cost you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

Popular Colors For Every Make and Model

Color popularity can vary depending on the vehicle in question, but some colors are popular across the board. The most popular colors overall are fairly safe colors like silver, white and black.

The study of color, or color psychology, suggests that silver invokes thoughts of wealth, ingenuity, energy and mystery. It's also seen as being modern and high-tech, yet elegant and alluring at the same time. 

White, the second most popular color, is considered the color of perfection in many cultures. It also symbolizes new beginnings, balance in life, openness, and growth. White can also invoke a sense of calm and represent refreshing the mind and spirit. 

Black is mysterious, it exudes power, and can be intimidating. Black, like silver is also seen as modern and high-tech. Black is alluring as a color because it is often seen as confident, elegant, and affluential. 

Unpopular Colors

Including luxury vehicles, SUV's, sedans, wagons, hatchbacks, convertibles, coupes, minivans, and light trucks colors like eye catching yellow, orange, and purple aren't considered popular colors. They may even make it more difficult to sell your vehicle. In fact almost 40 percent of car buyers actually change the brand of vehicle they're buying if the color they want isn't available.  

Other Popular Colors

Some great color choices for SUV's, minivans and trucks after the ever popular silver, white, and black are:

  • Medium tones in gray, blue, red, and green
  • Bright red 
  • Light brown

Popular color picks for luxury vehicles include:

  • White Metallic - which is actually more popular than black
  • Medium tones in blue, gray, and red
  • Medium to dark green
  • Light brown and gold

Great color choices for sedans, wagons and hatchbacks that give you greater selling power are:

  • Medium to dark toned blues, greens, reds, and grays
  • Dark red
  • Gold

Lastly the best color choices for coupes and convertibles include:

  • Medium to dark blue (before white), medium to dark gray, and medium to dark red
  • Light brown
  • Gold

If you're painting your vehicle solely for the purpose of reselling, after black, white, and silver, medium toned colors are a great pick because they aren't one extreme or the other. 

The current color trends are fairly typical on most vehicle types, but what if you absolutely love lime green on your vintage Challenger? Then you should go for the lime green. It's most important to choose a color you love, especially if your vehicle isn't going to be sold anytime soon. When it is time to sell, odds are good there's someone out there who loves lime green and Challenger's just as much as you do. 

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