Full Service Collision Repair

Today's world is fast. Your car is wrecked and there are seemingly endless things to do. Make sure you're all right, assess damage to your car, contact your insurance company, get any other involved parties information, and find a shop to fix your car. Wouldn't it be easiest to use an automotive collision repair center that's not only quick, but brings down the number of things you have to do? Corporate run shops that partner with insurance companies and rental car companies are more and more common. Here is what to look for.

  1. Dedicated customer service team. Modern shops often employ customer service employees that do much more than basic secretarial work. Keeping track of all incoming vehicles, scheduling appointments for service advisors, coordinating payment from insurance companies, and advising customers are all part of the job duties for a collision center's customer service team.
  2. Knowledgeable and experienced service advisors. Service advisors must accurately assess damage to a vehicle, and map out all repairs needed. This not only helps technicians perform quick repair, but allows for pre-ordering on parts. Constant communication between the collision repair center, the customer, and the insurance company is also part of their job description. These days factory trained and certified service advisors are the norm.
  3. Participation in Direct Repair Program (DRP). While it is your prerogative to have your vehicle repaired at the collision repair center of your choice, it is an advantage to have your vehicle repaired at a collision repair center that participates in your insurance company's direct repair program. This established relationship expedites the approval process for any necessary repairs. Often DRP shops will have an on site adjuster from insurance companies, and those that don't get visited by adjusters more frequently because of the volume of business that the insurance companies do with DRP shops. This gets your car repaired more quickly. 
  4. Onsite car rental. Having a car rental location at an auto collision repair center makes a lot of sense. It makes pickup and return of rental cars easier, it allows for payment between insurance companies and rental car companies simple, and it is one less place for you to have to go when you are involved in a collision.  

Being involved in a car collision is ​stressful, but finding the right automotive collision repair center, such as Mach 1 Body Shop Inc, will reduce your stress and get you back on the road.