Exposing Auto Body Repair Misconceptions That You May Think Are True

When your car suffers damage to its exterior, it can create a host of problems for you. As a result, repairing body damage to your car is an important task, but it is also a task that many people have a limited understanding about. Being misinformed about this type of repair work can make the process of having your car restored more complicated and stressful than necessary. Once you have learned the truth about the following common myths, you should find that you are much better informed about this process. 

Myth: A Bent Frame Will Always Ruin Your Car

There is a common assumption that a bent frame cannot be repaired. While this used to be true with every car, modern advances have made cars with more resilient frames that may be able to be repaired. 

This is possible because these frames are designed to be sectional. Due to the design and construction, it may be possible to remove the damaged section of the frame. A new piece of frame is then welded into place to complete this repair. However, it should be noted that this feature is only available on certain models of cars, and you will need to consult with your owner's manual or dealership to determine if this design element was incorporated into your vehicle. 

Myth: Body Damage Repair Will Always Require Having Your Car Repainted

Many people assume that they will need to have their car repainted following a variety of repairs. This assumption stems from the fact the difficulty of matching new paint to the car's faded original coat. While it is true that there are challenges to this task, it is possible for a skilled technician to match the repair paint to the rest of the body. 

Furthermore, there are some repair methods that will not require your car to need any painting done to it. This is often the case when there are dents that need to be removed and the car's paint was not damaged by the impact. In these cases, paintless dent repair may be a suitable option. Using this repair method, the technician will use suction to pull the dent out of the car's exterior until it is back to its original position. 

Repairing your car's body damage may seem like a monumental task, and while this is often a complicated process, it is important for you to be well informed. Understanding that some modern cars have sectional frames and that you may not need to have your entire car repainted will help you to better understand what the repair process for your car will be like. 

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