Been A While Since Your Heavy Duty Equipment Had Routine Services? Three Reasons Why You Should Come In

Heavy duty equipment, such as the kind you and your crew operates every day, actually needs more routine maintenance, not less. If it has been a while since any of your equipment has had routine services, it may be time to bring it in to an auto body shop that does heavy equipment repair. Here are three reasons why you should schedule an appointment and go in to a shop now.

Avoid Engine Fires

Heavy duty equipment is working overtime to manage heavy loads and do the work most other vehicles could never possibly do. These machines require diesel fuel, which often leaves behind some particulates in the engines. If you do not flush the engines and clean them out, those particulates can build up. When you also do not perform regular maintenance on the radiators and the oil filters, you have the perfect storm for an engine fire. Getting your equipment in now avoids any disastrous engine fires that could cost you your most valuable pieces of equipment.

Keep the Tracks Moving

All of your crawlers, the machines that move on tank tracks, need to be oiled frequently. The tracks can get jammed up, stop and even break or slip off the track wheels when your driver attempts to force them onward and they are not properly oiled. Keep the tracks on your crawler equipment moving by bringing it to a reputable shop to have this bit of maintenance completed frequently. If you are using a crawler of any kind right now, you might want to bring it in once a week or once every other week depending on how much you and your crew are working it at a site.

Check the Air Pressure in Your Hydraulics and Grease the Cylinders

Much of your equipment, from the front loaders to the backhoes, all use some type of hydraulics to do what they do. Do not overlook these parts during routine maintenance or you might find yourself without your equipment when you need it most. The air pressure needs to be checked with some regularity, and the cylinders need to be oiled and greased so that freedom of movement is maintained. Better still, if you bring your trucks in for this type of maintenance, problems with the hydraulic systems can be caught early and repaired before they become a major headache. To keep your vehicles moving and prevent some of these problems, get your vehicles in before the major construction season gets underway.

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