Different Types Of Auto Repair Shops

When your car breaks down and you need to take it to an auto shop, you need to decide which type of shop to take it to. Of course, each type has its benefits and disadvantages. The first thing to decide is whether you want to go to a specialty shop or a general auto repair facility.  If you are absolutely sure of the problem, going to a specialty shop will ensure the repair is done quickly and properly. However, if you are not sure why the vehicle is not working well or at all, you should go to a general mechanic and let them decide what needs to be done. Once this is determined, you need to decide the type of establishment. Here are some types of auto shops that you might choose from.


If you have a foreign vehicle or an upscale luxury or sports model, you may want to go to a dealership for repairs. The mechanics there are specially trained to work on your make and model. In addition, if they do not have a part that is needed, they can easily get it from the manufacturer. You will thus always have original equipment and know that the parts will fit and work perfectly.


A chain repair shop is one that has multiple locations throughout the state or country. They will have a large corporation that handle the business and may franchise out to people looking to get into the business for themselves. These establishments generally hire certified mechanics who are able to work on all different makes and models of vehicles. Because they have a large company behind them, they have all the latest equipment. However, they may have to order parts to make a repair; as they work with so many different vehicles, it would be impossible to keep everything in stock.


You may choose to go with a private, local mechanic for the repair. The mechanics at this shop may have gone to school and may be certified, or they may be people who have worked with cars for a long time. In most cases, you will find these shops charge less for labor than the other types. However, they may have to charge more for parts because they do not get them in large enough quantities to get a discount, as the other locations are able to do.

The first thing you should do is figure out what is wrong with the vehicle. You can take it to any shop to get an estimate that will let you know the problem. Then, you can visit other shops, letting them know what is wrong, and get estimates from them too. Contact auto shops in your area to learn more.