Can Paintless Dent Repair Help Your Vehicle’s Hail Damage?

If your vehicle has recently been damaged by hail, you may be dismayed at the thought of the full-body repair that will be required to restore it to like-new condition. On the other hand, the prospect of driving around a hail-dented car isn't appealing to anyone. Can "paintless" dent repair take care of these hail dents without costing a figurative arm and a leg? Learn more about what makes paintless dent repair different from traditional dent repair and how it can be used to repair hail damage. 

How is Paintless Dent Repair Different? 

Repairing deep dents will often require the dent to be "popped out," sanded, smoothed, and repainted, a time- and labor-intensive process. In other cases, the best decision is simply to replace the dented body panel with a new one, then paint it to match.

But for multiple shallow dents, like hail dents, replacing each affected body panel can often be cost-prohibitive. And while some dents can be filled with a type of putty, then painted to match, this can also be costly when you're talking about filling hundreds or even thousands of dents.

This is where paintless dent repair comes in. This type of dent repair relies on magnets to pull the dented portions of the panel back to their original location. Because the dents for which paintless dent repair is used are generally so shallow that they haven't bent the metal, no repainting is needed—hence the term "paintless."

Is Paintless Dent Repair Best for Hail Damage?

Most hail damage repairs involve paintless dent repair due to its convenience and relatively low cost. Often, the cost of non-paintless dent repair can be double or even triple the cost of paintless dent repair. Because turning such a claim into your insurance provider can cause your auto insurance rates to rise (and may leave you responsible for paying a deductible even if the repair is covered), opting for paintless dent repair and paying the bill out of pocket can save you money both now and going forward.

But because every auto body repair is different, it's important to get a quote from a reputable repair shop before making a final decision. Your decision to proceed with paintless dent repair can depend on factors like the age of the vehicle, whether you have an outstanding auto loan on the vehicle, and whether you're planning to trade it in or resell it.