2 Signs Your Car’s Frame Was Damaged During A Recent Fender-Bender

If you were recently involved in a fender-bender, you may have felt fortunate that the damage to your car was minor. You may even be able to drive your car after the accident. However, any type of impact on your car could cause damage to the frame even if it is not noticeable. Look for the following signs that your car's frame was warped, bent, or otherwise damaged during the collision.

1.  Car Starts Producing Odd Noises While You Are Driving

Before the accident, your vehicle may have been relatively quiet. However, after the fender-bender, you may have noticed that your car is producing odd noises while you are driving it. Whenever you attempt to turn the wheels, you may hear a noise that sounds like rubber rubbing on metal. Or you may even hear a grinding noise that sounds like metal hitting metal.

When the frame is damaged, the wheels on the affected side are usually knocked out of alignment with the body. When you turn the tires, they may hit the wheel well. Or the axles may no longer be in alignment with the wheels, causing the tire rod to rub at the joining point with the wheels.

If you continue to drive your vehicle in this condition, the tires will wear down faster than usual. You also run the risk of having a tire blow out or even have the tire rod disconnect because of the wear and tear on the joints.

2.  Vehicle Veers to One Side When You Try to Drive Straight Ahead

Another sign that your car's frame may have been damaged during the collision is when you notice that your car veers sharply to one side. Even if you have a strong hold on the steering wheel, you may find that you have to fight to keep the vehicle moving straight ahead.

When the frame is bent or warped, your car's body is no longer straight. Even a small amount of crookedness can affect your car's ability to properly steer straight. If there is also an issue with one or more of your wheels, you may find it nearly impossible to drive.

If you start noticing that your car is exhibiting the above signs after a fender-bender, there is a chance that your vehicle's frame has suffered damage. Take your car to an auto body shop that offers collision repair services to have them inspect the frame to see if there is hidden damage and to discuss your options for fixing any issues that they may discover. Look for a shop that offers collision repair near you.