3 Reasons Ceramic Coating Is The Best Paint Protection For Your Vehicle (And Three Things It Can’t Do)

For a lot of people, maintaining the beauty of a car is half the fun of ownership. But whether you have a flashy ride you want to shimmer at a car show or you just want your daily driver to turn heads, it can be difficult to know what's the best option for your car. If you're looking for options to make your car look its very best, you may have found your answer in ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is when a liquid polymer is applied to the outside of a vehicle (usually done by hand), actually creating a bond with the factory paint and forming a layer of protection. If you're not familiar with ceramic coating, here's a look at some of the benefits.

  • It provides protection from UV rays. If you've ever left a child's toy in the yard for a few summer weeks, you know how quickly the sun can start to fade things left outside. Now imagine the toll that's taking on your vehicle as it's parked outside. Ceramic coating provides a barrier of protection against the sun and helps stops your car's paint from oxidizing, or fading and looking dull.  
  • It gives a deeper glossy look. If you want the classic shine that all car owners love, nothing provides that more than ceramic coating. Ceramic actually increases the reflectiveness of your vehicle's paint, giving it a depth other products cannot provide.  
  • It costs less over time. Most cars need a good wax at least twice a year. When you figure in the cost of multiple waxes over the span a ceramic coating will last, the latter is cheaper in the long run. DIY ceramic kits do exist, and their lower price may be tempting, but they usually only last a few months (and that's if applied properly, a skill many people don't have unless they've done it many times). A professionally applied ceramic coating can last for years.

But it's important to note that ceramic coating isn't a miracle cure, and there are some things it doesn't do. These aren't necessarily disadvantages, just points to be aware of. Ceramic will not:

  • Protect from all scratches or rock chips
  • Protect from water spots when washing
  • Entirely prevent the need for car washes.

So is a ceramic coating for your car worth it? Absolutely. It has benefits both short and long-term, it makes your job of cleaning the vehicle easier, and it simply makes your vehicle look better. It's not a "set it and forget it" solution that means you never have to worry about your car's paint again, but it is one of the best paint protection options available.

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