4 Auto Body Repair Services That Will Help Your Car Keep Its Value

When you think of an auto body repair service, you may be thinking about auto body collision repair after an accident. This is just part of the services they provide, and there are other improvements that can be done for your car. The body repair shop can help with things like improvements to help your car hold its value or improve it. If you want to know what an auto body repair shop can do for you, here are some of the services they will be able to help you with: Read More 

Three Things To Know About Tipping Your Mechanic

When you're getting ready to leave your local auto shop after you've picked up your vehicle following a body repair job, you might feel momentarily anxious about whether you should be tipping. You wouldn't leave your hair salon without tipping, nor would you simply pay the tab at a restaurant after a good meal and walk out the door. Thanking your mechanic is one thing, but the last thing you want to do is have an awkward encounter because you aren't sure if tipping is the norm. Read More 

Headlights Covered In Gunk? Clean Them With These Tips

If gunk covers the surfaces of your headlights and nothing you do removes it, it's time to find a better solution to get your headlights clean. Your headlights can build up with mud, dead bugs and other debris over time. The lenses can also lose their protective clear coatings as they age. Both of these issues can make the light passing through the lenses appear dimmer than it actually is.  It can be very dangerous at night for you if you drive with obstructed headlights. Read More 

3 Ways To Save Some Cash On The Cost Of Auto Collision Repairs

If you have found yourself responsible for paying for the repairs to your automobile after a collision, you might be concerned about the cost and rightfully so. However, there are a few things that you might be able to do in order to help cut the costs. Check out the following suggestions so that you can have your vehicle repaired without going broke in the process. Buy Your Own Parts Read More 

Exposing Auto Body Repair Misconceptions That You May Think Are True

When your car suffers damage to its exterior, it can create a host of problems for you. As a result, repairing body damage to your car is an important task, but it is also a task that many people have a limited understanding about. Being misinformed about this type of repair work can make the process of having your car restored more complicated and stressful than necessary. Once you have learned the truth about the following common myths, you should find that you are much better informed about this process. Read More