Learning All About Auto Body Repair Services

Four Tips For Preventing And Managing Sun Damage To Your Car’s Interior

Sun can wreak havoc on your car's interior, as can constant exposure to hot temperatures. The following tips can help you protect your car so you can avoid most major interior problems. Tip #1: Block the Sun Tinted windows can go a long way towards minimizing UV damage to upholstery and plastic in your car's interior. Tint can also prevent the interior from heating up as quickly. Hot interiors cause adhesives to loosen, such as those that hold the headliner in place. Read More 

Full Service Collision Repair

Today's world is fast. Your car is wrecked and there are seemingly endless things to do. Make sure you're all right, assess damage to your car, contact your insurance company, get any other involved parties information, and find a shop to fix your car. Wouldn't it be easiest to use an automotive collision repair center that's not only quick, but brings down the number of things you have to do? Corporate run shops that partner with insurance companies and rental car companies are more and more common. Read More 

Learn How A Mechanic Can Handle A Damaged Bumper

When you are involved in an accident, damage is often caused to the bumper of your car. There are some people who assume that just because they were involved in an accident, they need to have their bumper replaced. This is not always the case, though. The following guide will walk you through determining if your bumper can be repaired or needs to actually be replaced. Consider the Material Used Read More 

Auto Paint And Body: Is Your Car’s Color Linked To Its Value?

If you're thinking about buying a vehicle or planning to have your car painted, hold off until you read this. The color of your car is directly related to its overall value. According to Kelly Blue Book, choosing an unpopular color can cost you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  Popular Colors For Every Make and Model Color popularity can vary depending on the vehicle in question, but some colors are popular across the board. Read More 

How To Remove Rust From Your Car

Rust removal, while not exactly a difficult task, requires specialized tools, time, and confidence in one's own abilities. These tips will help you remove rust from your car and repaint the area.  Step 1: Sand Away the Rust Remove the rust with a dual action electric sander, starting with coarse grit paper and then gradually switching to finer grits as you go. Sand the rust spot until all the rust has been removed and the area is relatively smooth. Read More